We, the founders of Hybrideyewear.com are well established industry veterans in the eyewear industry. Throughout the years, we have observed that while the online market offers a variety of choices and designs, all these come with high prices as more often than not, styles are associated with branded (read:expensive) high-street names. This has led us to ask ourselves:

  • “So many choices, how to select the style which suits me best ?”
  • “Do we have to pay a hefty premium for a pair of branded eyewear to look good?

… and thus Hybrideyewear.com was born.

We at Hybrideyewear.com are different from other online stores or even brick and mortar eyewear stores in that :

  • our Merchandise Advisors have over 30 years of experience in sourcing for the most cool eyewear range.  Clued in on the fashion trends, we are able to narrow the choices and make it easy for you to find a pair that best suits you !
  • we sell eyewear that consumers can actually afford (mid-range but quality assured and not necessarily branded) and still make them look fantastic
  • quality that matches famous brand-names on the market and we stand by   our words - ONE TO ONE exchange if it breaks!
  • free shipping, that's right – FREE SHIPPING!
  • our easy to use site makes it easy for you to find a pair of eyewear that best suits you!
At Hybrideyewear.com, we understand that our current lifestyle is multi-faceted. And, eyewear is part of our identity. Hence, the need for different types of eyewear. There is the Frames, the Sunglasses, the Sports Glasses and also Special Needs eyewear (for your pet and for people with disabilities)!

We are setting out on a mission to change the way the world sees eyewear and we want to be “Your best friend for looking good”!

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